Testimony in support of HB 294 2nd Substitute (Utah Intergenerational Poverty Work and Self-Sufficiency Tax Credit)

Utah ranks #1 for family prosperity

Op-ed: A new economic dialogue can emerge from our fiery election season

Income Variation

In this article, the researchers use survey data from the World Value Survey and find that strong family ties imply less variation in family income as well as less reliance on government assistance be…
The power of the family. NBER working paper no. 13051. Issued in April.


These researchers use data from monozygotic twins and the Current Population Survey and find that marriage causes men’s wages to rise. After controlling for educational attainment, first wage, a…
Are all the good men married? Uncovering the sources of the marital wage premium. American Economic Review 94 (May): 317-21.

Income Level

In this study of 1,364 children across the US, married mothers reported the highest income-to-needs ratio (4.26), which is ameasurement of financial resources per person in the home; a higher ratio su…
Mother-infant relationship in single, cohabiting, and married families: A case for marriage? Journal of Family Psychology 18 (1): 5-18

Poverty and Government Assistance

Studying data from the National Survey of Family Growth, this study finds that only 8.4% of women who were married when their first child was born were poor compared to 30% of women whose first child …
Is marriage a panacea? Union formation among economically disadvantaged unwed mothers. Social Problems 50 (1): 60-86.