Trump’s Executive Order on Education

We all know that education happens at the individual level. Those closest to the student are in the best position to help students learn.

What the United Airlines debacle can teach us about healthcare

Free markets allow society to achieve beneficial and just outcomes, without government intervention and the unintended consequences that come with it.

The Value of Values

Where there is a void in values, laws and legislation will not deter bad behavior. Where values are valued, laws and legislation can lend strength, certainty and security to society.

Attention Utah education leaders: Competency-Based Education Exploratory Team applications now available

Utah education leaders: Have you heard of “competency-based education”? Are you interested in learning more? Do you want to bring it to your district?

Supreme Court Trinity decision may affect school choice

Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia v. Comer may have big implications for school choice. The case deals with one of the biggest obstacles to school choice efforts – the Blaine Amendment.

The echo of the empty Congressional chamber

Shake it off and step up: Leave division behind

Op-ed: President Trump can solve federal overregulation

Homelessness: beyond the ‘where’

7th Circuit’s gymnastics on litigation versus legislation